Mx Records Management for the Ecosystem

MROs face an array of business challenges made complex because of incompatible delivery of task cards, the growing and global demand for MRO services, and greater regulatory scrutiny of domestic and international MRO operations. You must stay profitable while satisfying diverse client requirements and instructions, efficiently updating production control systems, controlling operating costs, recovering from economic hard times, and coordinating with your Ecosystem.

In today’s competitive environment, MROs need a maintenance records system that can handle today’s high volumes in real time. That solution is AirVault Mx Records Management.

AirVault integrates with your internal M&E systems and the bewildering variety of systems used by your clients, who increasingly rely upon you for heavy and day-to-day maintenance.

AirVault simplifies the following day-to-day tasks for MROs and their ecosystem partners.

  • Aircraft Lockdown
  • Proving Compliance
  • Mx Records Management
  • Regulatory and Internal Audits
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Aircraft Sales
  • Lease Returns
  • Mx Records Workflow
  • Ecosystem Mx Records Management

AirVault is a cloud-based solution operating from our secure, private data centers. AirVault manages aircraft maintenance records and the business processes around them, and provides a standardized, paper-free means to deliver the records you generate to your ecosystem partners. Enjoy affordable monthly billing, private branding, fast implementations, OCR, forms recognition, and 24-hour turnkey indexing services, all with no incremental investments in hardware or software. AirVault's platform provides controlled, secure access to the maintenance records retained by MROs and their airline, OEM, PMA, and other partners.

You may grant regulators, your Ecosystem, your client base, and other third party servicers, controlled access to the system as you deem necessary, and at no additional charge. AirVault provides a complete solution for your maintenance records management needs. AirVault's industry specific business process workflows, unlock the hidden value of your maintenance records and help you prove compliance.