The Time Value of Provable Compliance

Lessors are both banks and operators. You face an array of business challenges made complex because more carriers and OEMs are relying on you to finance fleet modernization programs. Largely, you rely on your lessees to maintain the value of your portfolio, which value is dependent on the completeness, accuracy, and availability of the assets’ maintenance records. You need real-time access to those records to protect portfolio value and to satisfy the audit demands of regulators, lenders and investors.

You must stay profitable while modernizing your fleet, managing a diverse client base, controlling operating costs, recovering from economic hard times, coordinating lease returns, reducing the bridge time between leases, and maximizing recoveries from asset dispositions.
In today’s competitive environment, lessors need a maintenance records system that can handle today’s high volumes in real time. That solution is AirVault Mx Records Management.

AirVault integrates with your clients’ M&E systems and those of MRO vendors on whom you rely for bridge maintenance. AirVault can extract and publish a subset of an asset’s records for purposes of remarketing.

AirVault is a cloud-based solution operating from our secure, private data centers. AirVault manages aircraft maintenance records and the business processes around them and connects you to your ecosystem partners. Enjoy affordable monthly billing, private branding, fast implementations, OCR, forms recognition, and 24-hour turnkey indexing services, all with no incremental investments in hardware or software. AirVault's platform provides controlled, secure access to the maintenance records retained by lessors and their carrier, MRO, OEM, PMA, and other partners.

You may grant regulators, your lessee operators, vendors, and other third party servicers, controlled access to the system as you deem necessary, and at no additional charge. AirVault provides a complete solution for your maintenance records management needs. AirVault's industry specific business process workflows, unlock the hidden value of your maintenance records and help you prove compliance.

AirVault MRO Operations Management

When it comes to managing today’s complex MRO environment you need AirVault to manage Mx records [[Solutions > By Sector Need > Carriers > Manage Mx Records]]

  • handle incidences [[Solutions > By Sector Need > Carriers > Aircraft Lockdown]]
  • prove compliance [[Solutions > By Sector Need > Carriers > Proving Compliance]]
  • prepare for audits [[Solutions > By Sector Need > Carriers > Regulatory and Internal Audits]]
  • for aircraft sales [[Solutions > By Sector Need > Carriers > Aircraft Sales]
  • lease returns [[Solutions > By Sector Need > Carriers > Lease Returns]]
  • and more [[Solutions > By Sector Need > Carriers]]

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