Regulatory and Internal Audits

AirVault Benefits
  • Conduct Audits Proactively
  • Grant Discrete Access to Consultants
  • Part of a Safety Management System
AirVault Features
  • Discrete & Controlled Access Granted
  • Grant Access to Non-users
  • Access Anytime & Anywhere
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Traditionally maintenance records audits have represented a time-consuming administrative burden.

Most records managers still must assign clerical workers to locate, retrieve, and organize maintenance records from a number of locations--file rooms, offsite storage, CDs, microfiche.

Retrieved files then have to be copied, boxed, and delivered to the auditors.

Audits are most effective when done proactively rather than in response to an incident.

AirVault makes responding to audits simple, fast, and digital.


AirVault allows records managers to produce maintenance records in electronic form by granting auditors temporary access to specific documents within existing repositories. AirVault logs all auditor activity. Optionally, the files can be delivered to the auditors by FTP or optical media such as DVDs and CDs.