Proving Compliance

AirVault Benefits
  • Prove Compliance FAST
  • Allow Regulators Discrete Access
  • Lockdown Assets and Access
AirVault Features
  • Grant Limited Access
  • Immediate Lockdown Capabilities

It's not enough to be in compliance - you have to be able to prove it quickly upon demand by the FAA or during internal audits or when requested by other regulators.

An FAA audit takes time, ties up skilled resources, and your planes may be grounded while you obtain the critical proof of maintenance that's needed.

AirVault provides fast access from anywhere. You can think of complaince as part of your Safety Management System and as a way to proactively ensure your fleet and your operations are optimized across the entire ecosystem of operators, providers, suppliers, etc. 

With AirVault, it's all about the SPEED with which AirVault allows a carrier or MRO to:

  1. Prepare for a records audit of supplier-provided maintenance
  2. Research a service bulletin, life-limited part or AD to determine aircraft status
  3. Respond to FAA inquiries pertaining to inspections or work performed
  4. Develop a quality assurance program for ISO 9000 and AS 9100 certifications
  5. Gain access to and search records for FAA-unapproved parts
  6. Review and analyze component removals for analysis and time-control improvements
  7. Make reliability-based changes to inspection programs based on operational performance
  8. Develop production control system to manage mods or develop PMA parts
  9. Leverage past FAA-approved repairs and solutions to avoid "reinventing the wheel"
  10. Link prior technical experience with maintenance tasks for training purposes
  11. Research and track maintenance errors and corrective actions for error-management programs
  12. Determining that all required technical document "sign-off" blocks contain a signature, alerting the appropriate airline QA of any omission

AirVault's MX Records Management is the complete solution to your aircraft maintenance needs--your nonstop route to proving compliance.