Mx Records Workflow

AirVault Benefits
  • Workflows Based on Best-practices
  • Highly Customized Forms & Rules
  • Optimized Processes and Procedures
  • Efficient Operations and Cost Savings
AirVault Features
  • Access Anywhere & Anytime
  • Grant Discrete & Controlled Access
  • Admin, Management, Reporting & Access Tools
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AirVault provides workflow services that capture and digitize the unique business processes, rules, forms, and information-routing logic that make up a set of best-practice workflows for maintenance records.

AirVault delivers the right work to the right people at the right time to ensure that maintenance records are entered into the system correctly and acted on properly and in a timely fashion.

Maintenance records are more than a cost of operations, they represent an opportunity to prove compliance and are an integral part of a Safety Management System.

AirVault provides a library of industry-standard maintenance workflows that can be customized to an airline's specifications.

AirVault enables the monitoring of worker productivity and the status of any workflow packet through convenient reporting modules. This diagram shows a representation of a typical workflow.