Lease Returns

AirVault Benefits
  • Quickly Demonstrate Well Maintained Fleet
  • Lessors Get Asset Re-leased Quickly
  • Get More Value for Aircraft Sales
AirVault Features
  • Online Access for Lessors
  • Grant & Revoke Discrete Access
  • Access for Inspectors
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Make Lease Returns Fast and Easy

As a carrier, when you can properly and quickly demonstrate to your lessors that you have a well-maintained fleet, your airline is placed in a favorable position over others. Use AirVault to help negotiate favorable lease rates and greater residual values when you return planes off lease.

If you are a lessor, reduce the amount of time it takes to get your asset inspected, re-leased, and flying again.

The return of an aircraft at the end of a lease must be preceded by the lessor’s careful inspection of the asset and its maintenance history.

Prior to AirVault, this inspection required that an inspector visit the lessee’s records facility to review the aircraft’s history before physically inspecting the plane. Once the inspection is complete, all of the aircraft’s records had to be shipped to the lessor to accompany the return of the aircraft.

At World Airlines, we enjoy a variety of benefits from having adopted AirVault, said Candy Artman, Manager, QC Aircraft Records of World Airways, Inc. Our Lessors were enthusiastic, and one Lessor even contributed the cost of scanning all the historical records for two aircraft that they had financed.

With AirVault, both the records inspection and the records delivery are digital. The inspector may conduct the exam via the web, and upon the aircraft’s return, the records may be moved instantly and electronically from the lessee’s repository to the lessor’s repository, organized to the standards of the lessor’s records scheme.