Incident Response

AirVault Benefits
  • Minimize Impact of an Incident
  • Respond quickly and Proactively
  • Involve Regulators and Advisors
AirVault Features
  • Grant & Revote Discrete Access
  • Online Access to Non-users
  • Access Anytime & Anywhere
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In the case of an incident, an operator is faced with an emergency. Among other required responses, the operator must immediately safeguard the maintenance records of the affected aircraft in order to prevent any edits or deletions of the records. They must also expose those records to investigators and regulators charged with determining the cause of the incident.

Granting controlled and discrete access to investigators and regulators is essential to minimize the impact of an incident.

AirVault provides two important values during such an emergency.


First, AirVault requires little or no training for new users. Its navigation and functions are intuitive and similar in look and feel to consumer-oriented web sites. Thus, regulators and investigators may be granted access to the system immediately to perform their function.

Second, because of AirVault’s flexible search capabilities, an operator can instantly identify other similar or affected aircraft in their fleet that may also require inspection. This minimizes downtime and attendant revenue loss. Third, AirVault allows the operator to selectively lockdown a tail so that the records of all other planes remain accessible to staff, who may continue their normal daily routine.