Ecosystem Management

AirVault Benefits
  • Puts Carriers Back in Control
  • Ensure Best-Practices Are Followed
  • Standardizes Data Across Ecosystem
  • Proactively Measure Compliance
AirVault Features
  • Web-based Tools Accessible Anywhere
  • Grant Discrete Access as Needed
  • Suppliers & MROs Can Upload Docs Realtime
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Modern carrier operations require the support of an increasing number of vendors, including vendors for heavy maintenance, line station maintenance, overnight servicing, and thousands of parts. All of these vendors generate tags, certificates, and maintenance records for which the carrier is ultimately responsible.

These records arrive in a variety of formats (paper, TIFF, PDF) and by a variety of means (email, overnight delivery, FTP).

AirVault provides vendors and carriers with web-based tools that enable simple, fast, and digital delivery of maintenance documents to the carrier. Records can be collected on local scanners, mobile devices, PCs, and at the source from vendors’ electronic systems.

Carriers to MRO: where a carrier can provide upload capability to their MRO partners to input maintenance data in real-time to save on transportation, make then immediately accessible, and provide a standard format for that data as well as a best-practice approach (workflow) associated with the maintenance process. This provides a more consistent approach to maintenance records management and a level of control important for the owner/operator who is ultimately responsible for their aircraft. In addition, MROs of all sizes and levels of IT (technical) sophistication can provide the same quality of maintenance records management and process.

Carriers are ultimately responsible for passenger safety and that demands maintenance records be maintained across the lifecycle of an aircraft. Suppliers and MROs that work on their fleets play a critical role in passenger safety as well..

Carrier to Lessor: more and more aircraft are being leased. Being able to demonstrate the airworthiness of your fleet to your lessors has real business benefit. Lessors can also benefit as they have higher value aircraft to sell.

Carriers to Regulatory Agencies: holds the promise of valuable connections between the FAA, NTSB, internal and external audit consultants, M&A discovery teams, etc. One can envision proactively involving regulatory bodies on an as-needed basis for specific incidences.