Aircraft Sales

AirVault Benefits
  • Quickly Demonstrate Airworthiness
  • Allow Buyers Discrete Access
  • Mx Records for the Lifecycle of Asset
AirVault Features
  • Online Browser Based Access
  • Grant & Revoke Limited Access
  • Mx Best Practices Insure Maximum Value
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As a carrier, when you can properly and quickly demonstrate to buyers of your aircraft that you have a well-maintained fleet, you can maximize the disposition value of your assets. 

If you are a buyer, you want to reduce the amount of time it takes to get your new asset inspected, purchased, and in the air.

The sale of an aircraft must be preceded by the buyer’s careful inspection of the asset and its maintenance history. Prior to AirVault, this inspection required that an inspector visit the seller’s records facility to review the aircraft’s history before physically inspecting the plane. Once the sale closed, all of the aircraft’s records had to be shipped to the buyer to accompany delivery of the aircraft.

Properly maintained maintenance records are part of the value of an aircraft and they should be maintained for the life of an asset.

With AirVault, both the records inspection and the records delivery are digital. The inspector may conduct the exam via the web, and upon the aircraft’s sale, the records may be moved instantly and electronically from the seller’s repository to the buyer’s repository, organized to the standards of the buyer’s records scheme.