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In response to an incident, an airline must take immediate steps to control the situation. A part of that responsibility directly relates to the ability of an airline’s maintenance records management system to immediately lockdown access to and/or ability to make changes to affected documents. AirVault is a browser-based, fully hosted (online) service for the management of aircraft maintenance records. One of AirVault’s key features is a robust lockdown capability.

AirVault’s lockdown function prevents alteration or deletion of records in case of an incident or accident for a specific aircraft or asset, while still providing full access to other aircraft within the operating fleet. Selected groups (for example, the FAA and NTSB) can be configured to have retrieval access to the locked down aircraft.

Offered with monthly billing, no incremental investments in hardware and software, and with fast implementations, AirVault Mx Records Management is the perfect solution to solve your maintenance records management needs. This service is offered on a platform that provides controlled and secure access to the maintenance records maintained by airlines and their ecosystem of MRO, OEM, PMA, and other partners.

The Process

AirVault’s record lockdown solution includes a standard Aircraft Lockdown feature (ACL) that creates an immediate lockdown of all documents across all repositories within the customer’s AirVault account. ACL members simply input the Aircraft Tail Number/Asset Number after logging in to the ACL tool and click a “Lockdown” button. The associated documents are immediately tagged with a lockdown code and become unavailable to any personnel that are not explicitly named in the lockdown group. This lockdown group generally consists of specific members of airline management, the airline’s PMI, and FAA and NTSB personnel who may, at the discretion of the airline, be granted access to the restricted documents. 

AirVault’s lockdown function prevents alteration or deletion of records...


Only Account Level Managers have the capability of identifying the ACL Lockdown group members. This is undertaken using the AirVault Administration web tool.


The AirVault solution provides a complete audit trail covering all usage of the system. The ACL provides an additional audit trail containing information on what user initiated the lockdown, when it was initiated, what members of the lockdown group accessed documents—including the documents, pages, and access date/times. Additional incoming documentation supporting the handling of the incident can be added to the AirVault repository and are immediately secured in the lockdown process.

Resuming Operations

AirVault’s ACL solution provides a fast and easy method to release documents that have been locked due to an incident. The ACL tool provides a “Release” button that becomes enabled once an authorized administrator logs in. The administrator then enters the Aircraft Tail Number/Asset Number and clicks the “Release” button. All locked documents are immediately restored for access to all users who have proper security rights to search and view the documents.

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