By Sector Need

The various providers within the aviation ecosystem are connected by the need to comply within the highly regulated aviation records management environment. AirVault connects the sectors making up the ecosystem allowing them to share data and best practices and also provides sector specific benefits.

  • Carriers Carriers of all sizes face an array of business challenges made complex because of the ever-changing aviation industry environment—from regulators and asset financing to security and passenger demands. You must stay profitable while modernizing your fleet, controlling operating costs, all while keeping passengers happy and flights on time. In today’s competitive environment, carriers need a maintenance records system that provides airlines with the ability to prove up-to-the-minute fleet airworthiness and regulatory compliance.
  • MOD's The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA Part 21), The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA-UK) all impose regulatory demands on the manufacturers of parts and assemblies. AirVault makes that job easier.
  • Lessors Lessors rely on their lessees to maintain the value of your portfolio, which value is dependent on the completeness, accuracy, and availability of the assets’ maintenance records. AirVault gives you real-time access to those records to protect portfolio value and to satisfy the audit demands of regulators, lenders and investors.
  • MROs MROs business challenges are complicated because of incompatible delivery of task cards, the growing and global demand for MRO services, and greater regulatory scrutiny of domestic and international MRO operations.
  • OEMs Rapid modernization of fleets, the growing and global demand for lease-financed aircraft and components, and greater domestic and international regulatory scrutiny of all aspects of your business.
  • Regulators Regulators today set safety standards on a global basis and must also enforce those standards across the entire ecosystem of suppliers and other providers. AirVault makes it easy for carriers and their service providers to apply best practices and adhere to complaince directives. More importantly it allows them to prove compliance quickly and to proactively insure passenger safety.