Records Management

Web Based Search and Retrieve

As your records are captured and loaded into the AirVault system, your staff can use the intuitive web-based Search and Retrieve application to find records and work with them in a variety of ways to improve their efficiency.

Records can be quickly found by searching for index data or full-text data (read from your records using Full-Page OCR). Once found, they can be quickly viewed, annotated, printed, shared, downloaded, or launched into workflows to get your company’s business done with accuracy and efficiency.

AirVault’s client-specific configurable search interface can provide simplified search views to fit the specific needs of various types of users within your organization. For example, mechanics, records managers, and QA users all have different nuances to the way they need to find and access records. AirVault understands this and provides the best possible interface for each for each user to most effectively accomplish their goals.

File Tree View

For some types of users, the most efficient way to work with documents is in a file tree structure similar to what they would see with documents on their own computer. For example, during the process of reviewing records for delivery to a lessor at the end of an aircraft lease, the folder structure of records can make the process as efficient as possible.

Regulatory Access

As a carrier with a legal responsibility to allow Regulators to monitor your records processes, review records for compliance, and occasionally audit records in response to an occurrence, AirVault allows you to share specific sets of records with regulatory users in a controlled and efficient manner.

In the event of an occurrence requiring restriction of access to documents, you can Lock Down the records associated with the affected aircraft and allow access only by specific groups within your company and by specific regulatory users while otherwise leaving the system available for normal use regarding unaffected aircraft.

Partner Collaboration

Just as accurate and timely records can help your business flow efficiently, inaccurate and late or missing records can grind your business to a halt. It can be very costly having assets unavailable due to missing or incorrect records from parts or maintenance suppliers.

AirVault provides very efficient workflow-enabled tools to communicate records to and from your business partners. For example, if you receive a part that is missing airworthiness paperwork (8130-3) or other records, you can send a Records Request to the vendor from within AirVault which allows them to scan or upload the missing records and deliver them to you quickly and accurately. Upon receiving the records, AirVault can facilitate your audit of the records before publishing them into your system. Any deficiencies can be coordinated with the supplier and remediated efficiently.

Offline Delivery

In some cases, it is necessary to provide sets of records to disconnected users or to archive servicers who you do not authorize to access the records online from AirVault. AirVault accommodates this need by providing a complete DVD records publication system.

Your users can use an online process to request production of a DVD (or set of DVDs) containing specific records from your system. These DVDs are pre-loaded with a simple disconnected record search and retrieve tool to allow users to efficiently access, work, and if needed, print, the records on the discs.