Records Capture

Records are the lifeblood of the aviation industry. The accuracy and timely availability of the records is vital in the mission to ensure airworthiness and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.

Due to their criticality, and because they can add more value to your operation the sooner they are available for use, AirVault provides a wide variety of industry-leading applications to ingest these records into the AirVault system.

Records consist of images (or other files) combined with your customized “Index Data” and “File Tree” views that allow your records to be quickly found, summarized, and used in valuable ways to improve your business operation.

Production High Volume Image and Data Capture

For operations processing high volumes of documents—thousands, tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands of pages per day—AirVault’s mass capture tools can scale as high as your business requires. These tools will drive industry standard scanners and include advanced tools to ensure high quality images and index data. Whether you use many mid-level scanners or the fastest high-speed scanners available, your records can be scanned and processed with incredible efficiency.

During the capture process, AirVault’s mass capture tools can integrate with your internal systems to retrieve and augment index data related to your records so that Records users have all the information they need to efficiently do their jobs.

Desktop Image and Data Capture

In many cases, it is most efficient and most valuable to capture records as close to their point of origin as possible. For this purpose, AirVault provides an easy-to-use desktop application that allows your users to simply drag and drop files into your AirVault records system.

As they upload files, they can provide index information related to these files so that the files can be published and made available for use as quickly as possible.

Users may also use AirVault’s seamless Office integration to upload records directly from their productivity applications.

Distributed and Partner Image Capture

Most aviation companies not only generate a lot of records, but they also receive a tremendous amount of records from their business partners (Suppliers, Vendors, MROs, etc.).

The most efficient way to get these records into AirVault is usually to enable these business partners to upload them for you. AirVault provides very efficient web-based tools to allow partners to upload documents to quarantine folders and to provide index data so that you can quickly review and approve the records for publication into your AirVault records system.

Even more, these web-based tools are fully brandable so that your partners see your company’s branding and can be confident that their records are being delivered.

OCR and Automated Indexing

AirVault’s advanced Document Classification and Optical Character Recognition technologies documents can be used to streamline your records indexing process. Data fields from your records can be automatically read into AirVault with and validated using a variety of techniques to ensure the accuracy of critical data.

In addition to automated indexing, Full-Page OCR technology can be applied to “read” the words on your records and make them searchable even if the words are not within your configured index data. For example, you can efficiently search for all of the records for a specific aircraft and ATA zone (chapter) that contain the word “Corrosion” within a specific date range. AirVault is intelligent enough to find not only the word “Corrosion”, but can also find instances of “Corroding” and “Corroded”. Suddenly, a sea of tens of thousands of records for an aircraft can be filtered, searched, and accessed with ease.

Fax, Email, Bulk Uploads

AirVault can also receive Faxes, Emails, and Secure-FTP files into your system. These documents can undergo OCR and data indexing to capture the index data for these documents so that they are useful for your business processes.