AirVault Cloud

AirVault is architected as a cloud-based service that provides outstanding value to you versus cumbersome installed records management systems. Running within our expertly operated data centers, you can do not have to worry about acquiring hardware, hiring expensive consultants or integrators, and staffing administrative positions. Without any of this cost or complexity, you get a highly-available, highly resilient, professionally managed records system.

Cloud Advantages

AirVault has a dedicated R&D team continually working to improve the system to provide the most value possible for its demanding aviation customers. Compared to the old-fashioned install-and-upgrade process for installed software, AirVault’s cloud-based system ensures that as new technologies become available and new best-practices are incorporated into the application, you get to immediately benefit from these advances.

The AirVault system runs in SAS-70 (Type 2) certified data centers that provide outstanding security for your records:

  • Highly resilient architecture – redundant systems in redundant mirrored data centers with redundant connectivity ensure 24x7 availability of your records.
  • Expertly managed and monitored environments with full help-desk support provide the systems performance and support that your users need.
  • Ongoing penetration testing, intrusion detection, and security audits ensure the safety and privacy of your records.
  • All access to the system and your records is encrypted and audit-logged.


Just because AirVault is a cloud-based solution doesn’t mean that it can’t integrate fully with your in-house and hosted applications.

With complete documentation and sample applications available (in C# and Java), developers can quickly integrate AirVault with other applications.


AirVault’s extensive API provides a comprehensive web-service based interface to connect your applications with your records in AirVault. The API covers all aspects of managing your records including:

  • Adding records to AirVault
  • Updating records and index data within AirVault
  • Querying and retrieving records
  • Managing User, Groups, and Access rights
  • ...and much more

Federated Security / Single-Sign-On Support

AirVault’s advanced Federated Security features allow for seamless Single-Sign-On support for your users. AirVault can be configured to authenticate your users and determine their group memberships from your own identity services such as Active Directory, LDAP, etc.

3rd Party Integrations

AirVault is continually implementing integrations with 3rd party applications to provide the most value for your company. We integrate with systems including:

  • ERP Systems
  • Maintenance and Engineering (M&E) Systems
  • Maintenance Production Control systems

And, with AirVault’s advanced Workflow/BPM capabilities, it can integrate with any system that exposes a web service (SOAP or REST), has any sort of programmatic interface, or has a published and accessible database schema.