It is critical that your company is able to effectively and securely manage your AirVault records system. AirVault provides extensive self-administration capabilities so that you are in control of your company’s use of the system.

User and User Rights Management

AirVault’s extensive Group-Based User rights management tools allow your designated users to administer the rights of your users with as much detail as necessary.

By managing your users using AirVault Group rights capability, you can efficiently control:

  • Which groups or users can access your various sets of records
  • Which groups or users can access records based on their index values
  • What activities groups or users are able to perform (print, share, edit, etc.)
  • From which locations can users or groups access records
  • ...and much more

Reports and Monitoring

AirVault provides extensive monitoring and reporting to keep you fully informed about the activity within your records system.

All activity within AirVault is audit-logged and reportable. You can easily see who is adding, editing, viewing, and working your records. And these audit records become part of your records compliance evidence.