By Features

AirVault's private cloud provides secure aviation records management across the ecosystem by connecting all the suppliers, manufacturers, owner/operators and lessors.

To enable this capability on any platform without requiring users to implement their own hardware and software solutions means AirVault must provide complete end-to-end capabilities. AirVault delivers with a wide array of tools and capabilities. 

  • Records Capture Records are the lifeblood of the aviation industry. The accuracy and timely availability of the records is vital. Tools ranging from image scan & capture to OCR are available to make this a reality.
  • Records Management Records Management capabilities within AirVault range from web-based search & retrieval to granting controlled & discrete access at your discretion.
  • Workflow AirVault’s built-in workflow is a true Business Process Management system and is available to be customized to your needs.
  • AirVault Mobile AirVault is working on IOS and other mobile system applications to allow DROID, iPad and smart phone users to access the system.
  • Administration AirVault allows you to remotely and securely manage all your information as well granting controlled & discrete access as needed.
  • AirVault Cloud AirVault is a private cloud for the exclusive use of aviation clients. It's deployed using the Software-as-a-Service cloud distribution model providing complete web-based capabilities.