Mx Records Management

AirVault Benefits
  • Proactively Prove Compliance
  • Part of a Safety Management System
  • Increase Operational Efficiencies
  • Improve Your Bottom Line
AirVault Features
  • Fully Browser-based Access
  • Connect Your Ecosystem Partners
  • Allow Discrete and Controlled Access
  • Digitize Records Quickly and Accurately
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AirVault Mx Records Management is a browser-based, online service that manages aircraft maintenance records. AirVault is offered with reasonable monthly billing, no incremental investments in hardware or software, and fast implementations. AirVault's platform provides controlled, secure access to the maintenance records retained by airlines and their MRO, OEM, PMA, and other partners.

Records management in a highly regulated environment like aviation requires records access for the life of an aircraft.

Carriers, MROs and others must maintain compliance.


The FAA, regulators, leasing companies, and others can be granted controlled access to the system as required. AirVault provides a complete solution for your maintenance records management needs. AirVault's browser-based management, capture, and administration tools and industry specific processes unlock the hidden value in your maintenance records and help you prove compliance.

AirVault is a robust, proven platform with over 20,000 active users managing over three billion mission-critical records in our twin, fully redundant data centers. Our data centers comply with PCI and HIPAA requirements and pass regular SAS 70 Type II audits.


  • Browser-based access via exclusive private cloud
  • Fast, easy, and direct implementation and integration
  • Best-practice workflows tailored to your business
  • Cost-effective, subscription-based pricing
  • Complete solution includes maintenance records:
  • Management, capture, and administration tools
  • Integrations with major M&E systems
  • Historical file capture stations and services
  • Implementation and customization services
  • Domain expertise for task cards, log files, AD, SB, and more

Business Benefits

  • Passenger Safety with a Well-Maintained Fleet
  • Bottom Line - OpEx, CapEx, and Compliance Benefits:
  • Reduction in usage of skilled workers for Mx searches
  • Reclaiming records storage space, transportation savings
  • Move value for plane returned to lessor - better rates
  • Reduction in FAA fines - better image with the FAA - compliance - less time with grounded planes
  • Proving that a maintained fleet enables greater M&A and sales value
  • A well-maintained fleet enables better negotiated lease rates
  • Quick implementations and monthly subscription-based billing
  • Ecosystem Management ”MRO, OEM, PMA , regulators, lessors
  • Can be made available to your MRO and other partners and to the FAA and other regulatory partners on a controlled access with immediate access to maintenance data