Records Archive Conversion

Keeping aircraft fleet records in multiple locations can make it difficult to fulfill maintenance record requests by airline mechanics and quality inspectors. And if a PMI shows up demanding specific records to be audited, research to find a physical document could take from a few minutes to several days, causing headaches and wasted effort. Every successful transition to a paperless system involves capturing and digitizing archived paper documents. Proper front end planning is needed to ensure that a conversion process will run smoothly.

We will help to get your historical files digitized and hosted in your AirVault repository. We are educated on the best procedures for scanning documents and the common issues that should be addressed in the planning of a back file scanning project. For example, we can help determine which records should be scanned and which should not, typically going back to the last heavy check for each aircraft in your fleet. Also, we will help you determine the best indexing system for your back file conversion through a mix of bar codes keying indexes and OCR technologies, making sure that your information will be easy for your staff to locate once online.

AirVault works with reputable third-party capture and indexing services and can recommend the best vendor in your region to handle the entire back file scanning process for you, or we can perform just the capture or indexing portion of the process based on your needs and budget.