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Did you know?

Regulators Can:

Cope with constrained budgets and fewer inspectors per plan

Adapt to the challenges of higher air traffic, an aging infrastructure, and enhanced security standards

Manage regulators' fleets as efficiently as possible


Regulators Ecosystem

Regulators from the FAA, EASA, CAA and others must set guidelines to ensure passenger safety and also monitor compliance with those regulations.

  • Carriers
  • Lessors
  • MRO
  • OEM
  • MOD

Doing More with Less

In addition to constrained budgets and fewer inspectors per plane, regulators must adapt to the challenges of higher air traffic, aging infrastructure, fleet modernization programs, new operators, and enhanced security standards. Regulators can lead the way by adopting a state-of-the-art aircraft maintenance records solution for their own fleets. That solution is AirVault Mx Records Management.

AirVault is a cloud-based solution operating from our secure, private data centers, a solution authorized by the FAA’s Advisory Circular 120-78 and similar findings in other jurisdictions. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA-UK) all impose regulatory demands on the partner ecosystem of the aviation industry. AirVault provides a secure private cloud for the exclusive use of aviation partners and connects them together to help them comply with regulations and improve passenger safety. 

AirVault manages aircraft maintenance records and the business processes around them, and provides a standardized, paper-free means for operators to capture, store, retrieve, and share the records they generate. AirVault customers enjoy affordable monthly billing, private branding, rapid implementations, OCR, forms recognition, and 24-hour turnkey indexing services, all with no incremental investments in hardware or software. AirVault's platform provides controlled, secure, up-to-the-minute access to maintenance records for immediate incident response.

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Solutions for Regulators

Mx Records Management

Mx Records Management A browser-based service for the management of aircraft maintenance records.

Records Archive Conversion

Records Archive Conversion A service to upload hardcopy records and data into our secure servers, index, OCR and access.