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MODs Can:

Handle the growing number of request for their services

Maintain compliant even with a diverse set of customers

Maintain profitabily with efficient records management


MOD Ecosystem

Sharing your customers' maintenance records with unprecedented ease, accountability, and global access.

  • Carriers
  • Lessors
  • MRO
  • OEM
  • Regulators

The aircraft modification industry is enjoying growth--in business and in the complexity of managing all of the details of the work it undertakes. This work includes repairs, retrofits, upgrades, conversions, the manufacturing of out-of-production parts, and dozens of other challenging tasks. With each customer potentially needing work on another make and model of aircraft, Mx records maintenance is more challenging than in an airline itself. 

In today’s competitive environment, MODs need a maintenance records system that can handle today’s high volumes in real time. That solution is AirVault Mx Records Management. AirVault integrates with your internal production-control systems and the bewildering variety of systems used by your clients, who increasingly rely upon you for heavy and periodic maintenance. Expand your offering to include online records-management and exchange services for your client base.

The aircraft modification business is busier than ever, converting commercial to cargo, making upgrades, modifying structures. AirVault is the easiest way to share Mx records among all of your customers and partners.

You may grant regulators, your Ecosystem partners, your clients, and other third party servicers, controlled access to the system as you deem necessary, and at no additional charge. AirVault provides a complete solution for your Mx records management needs. AirVault's industry-specific business process workflows unlock the hidden value of your maintenance records and help you prove regulatory compliance.

AirVault Solution

A secure, browser-based, cloud solution for carriers, lessors, and their ecosystem partners to easily and cost-effectively capture, manage, and exchange aircraft maintenance records.

  • Handle high volumes of data and records in real-time from multiple locations
  • Integrate your M&E software and other database systems
  • Upload records from MROs on which you rely for heavy and day-to-day maintenance
  • Control your cost while maximizing your MRO operations
  • Monitor the airworthiness of your fleet and your regulatory compliance

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