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Did you know?

Med-Evac Carriers Can:

Manage challenges from complying with both aviation and medical regulations

Maintain safety while flying to unpredictable destinations in emergency conditions

Stay profitable while modernizing fleet and keeping shippers happy


Carriers Ecosystem

Highly regulated maintenance records management throughout the lifecycle of your fleet demands connectivity between suppliers and other providers.

  • Lessors
  • MRO
  • OEM
  • MOD
  • Regulators

Med-Evac Challenge

Proving Compliance after Medical Emergencies

Medical evacuation operators and air ambulance services face an array of business challenges compounded by the combination of aviation and medical regulatory requirements. Crew and patient safety are of paramount concern when flying to unpredictable destinations in emergency conditions. You must also stay profitable while modernizing your rotary- and fixed-wing fleet, controlling operating costs, recovering from economic hard times, coordinating with a variety of FBOs and MROs, and keeping your aircraft ready to fly on demand.

In today’s competitive environment, med-evac and air ambulance operators need a maintenance records system that provides them with the ability to prove up-to-the-minute fleet airworthiness and regulatory compliance.

That system is AirVault Mx Records Management.

AirVault Solution

A secure, browser-based, cloud solution for carriers, lessors, and their ecosystem partners to easily and cost-effectively capture, manage, and exchange aircraft maintenance records.

  • Handle high volumes of data and records in real-time from multiple locations
  • Integrate your M&E software and other database systems
  • Upload records from MROs on which you rely for heavy and day-to-day maintenance
  • Control your cost while maximizing your MRO operations
  • Monitor the airworthiness of your fleet and your regulatory compliance

At World Airlines, we enjoy a variety of benefits from having adopted AirVault, including support from the FAA and being able to access our records instantly from anywhere,” said Candy Artman, Manager, QC Aircraft Records of World Airlines.

AirVault MRO Operations Management

When it comes to managing todays complex MRO environment you need AirVault to manage Mx records, handle incidences, prove compliance, prepare for audits, for aircraft sales, lease returns and more.

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Solutions for Med-Evac

Mx Records Management

Mx Records Management A browser-based service for the management of aircraft maintenance records.

Records Archive Conversion

Records Archive Conversion A service to upload hardcopy records and data into our secure servers, index, OCR and access.