Mar 28

Critical Technologies Launches AirVault® - ­a Complete Solution for Air Carriers Seeking to Prove Compliance and Airworthiness

Edmond, OK, March 28, 2011: Critical Technologies, a leader in streamlining business processes, announced the launch of AirVault - the premier web-based solution enabling air carriers to manage fleet maintenance records across their ecosystem of business and regulatory partners.

Based on over 16 years of Critical Technologies document workflow management experience, the AirVault solution was developed to meet the needs of air carrier maintenance records management via its two primary components, the Mx Records Management application and the FleetHub hosted secure cloud.

AirVault Mx Records Management is a browser-based application for managing to the FAA’s fleet airworthiness directives and proving compliance. It provides best-practice maintenance records workflows and secure access to tools & applications anywhere our clients and their MRO, OEM and other partners operate.

AirVault FleetHub is a fully hosted secure private cloud software-as-a-service platform that provides browser-based access to workflow, document management and applications that enable airline personnel and their partner ecosystem to communicate and collaborate more effectively.

With AirVault, air carriers can capture, store, retrieve, and securely share millions of pages of aircraft maintenance history with the push of a button, enabling them to:

  • Prove Airworthiness and Avoid Regulatory Fines by accessing maintenance records from any web-connected computer.
  • Advance Passenger Safety by reviewing all maintenance records across their entire fleet to identify opportunities for safety enhancement.
  • Enhance Productivity by reducing the use of skilled worked for Mx searches and eliminating wasted warehouse space storing records.
  • Increase Lease Return Residuals – by delivering more complete Mx files at lease return.
  • Optimize the Partner Ecosystem by having MRO, OEM, PMA, and other vendors utilize one unified system to facilitate consistent operational records transfer.

“Unlike other costs that can be eliminated, the expense of handling, storing, retrieving, and managing compliance-certified maintenance records is mandatory.” Commented Patrick Castleberry, President of Critical Technologies. “Developed specifically to meet the needs of air carriers, AirVault offers proven value in decreasing the cost burden of proving compliance, while advancing passenger safety and increasing lease residuals.”

“At World Airways, we enjoy a variety of benefits from having adopted AirVault, including support from the FAA and being able to access our records instantly from anywhere,” said Candy Artman, Manager, QC Aircraft Records of World Airways, Inc. “Our Lessors were enthusiastic, and one Lessor even contributed the cost of scanning all the historical records for two aircraft that they had financed. Our IT department is pleased with our increase in records-management functionality without adding a burden to their infrastructure or support.”

Critical Technologies will be demonstrating the AirVault solution at the MRO Americas 2011 event in Booth 806 from April 12 to 14th in Miami, Florida.

About Critical Technologies and AirVault

Founded in 1997, Critical Technologies sells AirVault, a secure, browser-based software service for aviation carriers and their service partners to easily and cost-effectively integrate the management of their aircraft maintenance documents into routine work activities. For more information about Critical Technologies, visit

AirVault provides carriers with specialized tools and applications for document workflow, distribution, verification and collaboration, making fleet airworthiness and regulatory compliance easy to validate and to prove. Presently, over 20,000 AirVault users worldwide manage over three billion documents in the private cloud of the Company’s self-managed data centers. For more information about AirVault visit