Data Center & Security

AirVault's data centers are protected by sequential firewalls. If a primary firewall fails, the secondary will immediately take over the task. The system is secured using an Entrust Certificate Server, the leading provider of trust services for electronic commerce and communication. The AirVault Security Group is responsible for creating procedures and standards to enforce our security policy. This group stays current on new technologies, software, and security threats. They work with outside security consultants and engineering units to ensure that appropriate security controls are in place. Moreover, all records traffic is encrypted over the Internet. In addition, all records are kept in triplicate, two electronic versions in two data centers, and one encrypted tape version stored offsite with Iron Mountain. Finally, the AirVault data centers are evaluated every eighteen months by an independent certified public accounting firm that renders a written report, available to our customers and prospects, known as a SAS-70, Type II audit report. Each report confirms the integrity and security of the AirVault System and our data centers.

AirVault Protects Your Information

AirVault uses the latest Secured Socket Layer (SSL) protocol to make all session transactions secure. All data is encrypted when sent over the Internet using SSL between our servers and your browser. By design, AirVault's data access is granted only after a user has been authenticated by password. Other direct attempts to gain access to the data will not be allowed by the system.

Intruder Alert

AirVault uses intrusion detection technology from Cisco System to actively monitor the network and web servers for any unauthorized or unusual activities. Our security engineers and administrators are automatically notified of any security violation attempts made to the system. All firewall and security logs are monitored on a daily basis. AirVault's has a fully redundant architecture, High Availability (HA) data center, utilizing HP and Dell servers, Compellent SAN's, Cisco routers, and SQL database software.

Fault Tolerance

All equipment is fault tolerant, including servers and backbone LAN/WAN equipment. AirVault's data storage system utilizes RAID 5 and RAID 10 disk fault handling that allows data to be available even during a partial drive failure. AirVault also has hot-spare servers and a full complement of parts. The data center has fully redundant communications to Tier-1 Internet Service Providers for fault tolerance. Also included in the AirVault system are fault-tolerant power systems that use facilities-based AC/DC battery back-up and diesel generators.

Audit Reports

AirVault provides comprehensive auditing reports that are available to you in real-time. These reports are accessible by anyone granted rights to view them by the administrator.