Nov 252012

Three Aviation Week MRO Shows in Short Order!

AirVault participated in MRO Europe 2012 and MRO Asia 2012, and in January, you can find us in booth 408 at MRO Middle East 2013 in Dubai on January 21st.

MRO Europe, Amsterdam this year, was a huge success for AirVault, and our team didn't leave the booth for even the ... basics! ... any of the days. The did lots of AirVault demos, relying on the convention center's wifi--and consistently demonstrating Mx document retrieval times from our cloud-based system of just over 1 second.

We were able to demonstrate the same performance from AirVault in Singapore at MRO Asia, held this year at the remarkable Marina Bay Sands. AirVault delivers consistent results everywhere in the world, providing security, reliability, and connectivity between airlines, MROs, lessors, and others, including regulators where authorized by the operators. MRO Asia was our first show in Asia and culminates our first year learning how to adapt AirVault to the requirements of this enormous and fast-growing region.

Speaking from Singapore, our CEO, John Oldham, who held an endless series of meetings and hospitality events during the week, said, "We are committed to Asia and the Pacific Rim. We have invested heavily in our infrastructure and support network in order to provide the same high level of service here as in the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East. A year ago, I appointed our most senior executive, Mr. Kim Swiggart, to lead this initiative, and I am satisfied that we are prepared to achieve our goals."

The role of the AirVault Advisors was particularly strong at MRO Europe and MRO Asia. In Amsterdam, Mr. James Davey, retired vice president of engineering at Continental Airlines and Alaska Airlines, and Mr. James Brunke, past chairman and president of Boeing Shanghai, were on hand to discuss their analysis of the important role that AirVault plays in fostering safety, security, and cost containment in today's aviation industry. In addition, Mr. Brunke introduced AirVault in Singapore.

At MRO Middle East, please look for AirVault vice president, business development, John Upham, who will arrange for a private demonstration of AirVault and who can discuss the astonishing ROI our customers are enjoying from their selection of this service.