Nov 272012

Major new AirVault release this week!

AirVault Release 6.4

AirVault, a division of Critical Technologies, Inc., is proud to announce Thursday's release of version 6.4 of the AirVault System. This release includes numerous improvements to AirVault’s Web Search, Forms Matching/OCR, and Forms Indexing applications as well as the following new features to further increase the value of AirVault to its aviation industry customers:

  • AirVault Integration Platform – Enables distributed integration of third-party systems, such as M&E systems, with AirVault; and
  • AirVault AMOS Integration – Automated document indexing using lookups into Swiss Aviation Software's AMOS system, ability to publish links to AMOS, and ability to reconcile Work Package contents to AMOS.

We work continuously to improve the performance, features, and functionality of the AirVault system. Upcoming features include:

  • AirVault Mobile – search/retrieve records and upload indexed photos and documents using iOS (Apple) and Android Tablets and Phones;
  • AirVault Advanced Workflow - Utilize full “BPM” workflows to automate document processes;
  • AirVault MRO Connection - Streamline records deliveries from your MRO Vendors; and
  • AirVault Analytics – Records and integration-driven data warehouse and ad-hoc self-serve reporting;
  • AirVault Leased Asset Management Tools – Ease compilation and audit of documents in Delivery Bible/Template structures with self-serve bulk export and record-set transfers.

At the request of our customers, we are facilitating the organization of the AirVault Users' Group, and we'll blog and write to you shortly on the first formal meeting of that Group.

I thank you for your support, suggestions, patience, and generous teaching of the intricacies of this most-amazing industry.

Todd White
Chief Technology Officer
Critical Technologies, Inc.