Sep 052012

Earning flydubai's Business

When one thinks about premier low-cost airlines, Southwest Airlines is cited most often (Southwest has been an AirVault client for over eight years). However, in the Middle East, the fastest-growing low-cost airline is flydubai…today, AirVault’s latest customer. Earlier this year, flydubai put out an request for proposal (RFP) to many vendors for an Enterprise Document Management System. Note the word: Enterprise. Although the primary driver was typical of most airlines--managing volumes of “dirty fingerprint” documents for the Maintenance & Engineering department--flydubai had the vision that the chosen solution would also manage all of their internal departmental documentation, including Finance, Legal, and Human Resources. Additionally, they made it well known that their preference was for an on-premise solution and, although a cloud-based or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) would be considered, it was not preferred. That, however, was before they met the team from AirVault. The formal RFP process including the submission of responses to over 240 technical questions (wow!); numerous demos and presentations; site visits; search and retrieval speed checks (it's a long way from Dallas to Dubai, but AirVault performed with speed that could be expected from an on-premise system); contract negotiations and reference checks took over 8 months. How long will it take for AirVault to be in production? Less than 90 days! If you’re thinking about aviation document management, think AirVault. If you’re thinking about doing an lengthy RFP process you might want to call the folks at flydubai first…they seem to have all the answers!