Jul 062012

Commsoft OASES Annual User Group Meeting

Last week, AirVault business development vice president John Upham and I attended the annnual Commsoft OASES (Open Aviation Strategic Engineering System) User Group Meeting in London. This year, we worked with Commsoft to interface AirVault with the OASES M&E system, and we've deployed it already at LoganAir in Glasgow.

The present functionality includes an AirVault link button embedded in any OASES option, where a batch number is recorded. This provides an instant access to any of the digital images stored within AirVault--great for a link user/auditor, where the dirty fingerprint is only a few seconds away. You can also access AirVault’s web area directly and query for all batch records by tail or ATA, etc. Any extra OASES metadata linked to the batch record number in OASES can easily be lifted at sourced and pulled into AirVault. This function stores to scan the component certs at receipt using barcode functionality, and then the airline validates the images through Airworthiness Records as part of its component compliance review process. We are now exploring new functionality, such as the process of storing the base checks and tech logs and having some further semi-automated processes between AirVault and OASES. There is also a request for some drag and drop tools to import a mass of large documents to pull the data from an airline's various servers into one user system. 

The mood of the OASES user group was generally positive about the aviation industry and highly positive about Commsoft's progress in product development and support. They were especially glad of Commsoft's recent launch of its cloud-based version of OASES. Managing Director Nick Godwin observed, "We are seeing growing acceptance of the OASES platform and services, and we look forward to an exciting year ahead."

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