Nov 182011

What's that airplane?

Ask search engine Wolfram-Alpha what that plane is you see passing by. It knows! Continue Reading »

Nov 92011

US airlines begin powering flights with biofuels

First United Continental announced the departure on Monday morning of Flight 1403 from Houston for Chicago – or the 'Eco Skies test flight' as the airline called it – using a mix of 60% conventional jet fuel and 40% algae-based fuels. Continue Reading »

Nov 22011

Maximizing your MRO operations in the cloud

AirVault is examined in this article in the current Aircraft Technology. "The promise of housing all sorts of airline records in a secure vault in the cloud doesn’t, at first glance, seem much different then storing them in your own company’s database. But take a further look — and some clear benefits start to become apparent." Continue Reading »

Oct 252011

AirVault Advisor Bill Ashworth is the New President of Aviation Partners Boeing

Joe Clark, Chairman of Aviation Partners Boeing (APB) and CEO of Aviation Partners, Inc. announced today the appointment of Bill Ashworth as the new President of APB. Continue Reading »

Oct 242011

MRO jobs begging for workers

AAR's CEO David Storch visited the company's Goldsboro plant Thursday to draw attention to what Moses represents -- good jobs are available now to workers who earn the specific technical skills and certifications some employers need. Continue Reading »