Jun 102012

History of the Tailsitter Airplanes

A vertical takeoff, level flight and a tail landing - first VTOL concepts. These flying wonders, so called "Tailsitter" airplanes, are truly remarkable pieces of aviation history: mainly designed in the late 1940s and early 1950s, they were essentially an early attempt to eliminate the necessity of runways. Continue Reading »

Jun 52012

Amelia Earhart and the Freckle Cream Mystery

From the moment Amelia Earhart’s plane disappeared over the South Pacific, the world has been mystified by her fate. Now, nearly 75 years later, her lot and that of navigator Fred Noonan is believed to be uncovered. Continue Reading »

May 312012

The Four-Legged Stool

Aviation industry expert, Ray Valeika, writes in Aviation Week on the evolving role of MROs and the need for aircraft data exchange among operators, OEMS, regulators--and MROs. Continue Reading »

May 292012

Learning about node.js

Today's blog by David Miller, AirVault's director of product development, discusses using the platform node.js. His first experiment creates demonstration pages for company-customer agile iteration meetings. Continue Reading »

May 172012

New fences for 767-300ER from Aviation Partners Boeing

We're proud that William Ashworth, president of Aviation Partners Boeing, is an AirVault Advisor. Here's some great news from that company. Continue Reading »